Welcome to my new site!

About Classic Kart Shop…
Classic Kart Shop is ONE, OLD man, that does this stuff out of a garage! Please try to remember that when you get yourself into a time crunch. If you have a project working, and going to need a part in a month or two, order it now! I do run out of stuff from time to time.

The parts are mostly copies of original 1960s parts. Most of our stuff has been thoroughly race tested and refined if needed, however, there is no warranty or guarantee as to application, fitability, or breakage, and buyer assumes all related risks, although we always want to hear about any problems that arise. All repro parts are made by us, and NOT by GEM, REED, WEST BEND, etc. Anything on this site should be considered copies of original parts, no matter what name is on them.

We only supply hardware that is not readily available in small quantity. If you can buy it at the hardware store or Home Depot, you need to get your own. Grade 5 minimum is suggested.

Thank you for visiting our website!

T Shirts


Check out our T-Shirts, sure to become an old favorite! We now have 3 t-shirts in several different sizes and colors! “Rocket City”, “Fun on Wheels”, and the early McCulloch logo t-shirt. MP-15... READ MORE