Copy of GEM 2 piece side mount for Mac’s. Engine sits up about 10 degrees from horizontal. $129. set, or $65. each piece. This engine plate can be drilled for different angle from zero to 45 degree (not returnable).

Copy of GEM 2 piece mount for WB610/820 engines. Engine holes are countersunk and flathead allen bolts are included. $129. set or $65 each piece. With steel side plate is $99. set, or $35. for side plate only. Recoil starters are NOT recommended on these engines unless you have a compression release!

McCulloch steel engine mounts. Exact copy of Mac factory 65 degree mount for F-1, R-1 etc. Also available in 45 degree, and with Mac or Briggs pattern base plate. (only McCulloch kart frames use the Mac pattern) $59. U-weld kit save 25%. (45 degree mounts are going to be discontinued when parts are depleted)

West Bend-Power Products 2 piece mount fits all ‘round’ West Bends, 500 rookie engine, Power Products 3 and 4 bolt cases. $99. Steel side plate only, $35.

Copy of factory steel mount for WB580/700 engines. Engine is centered fore-aft for LH or RH mounting. Available with different offset to your spec’s, no returns. $39. U-weld kit save 25%.

Copy of early GEM mount used on ’60 Fox/Mac karts and others. Vertical mounting for Mac engines. $79.

Go Kart 800 frame plates. Exact copy of original, $39. pair.

Go Kart Big Bear Scrambler engine plates. $29. pair.

Copy of West Bend ‘logo’ base mount. $99.

Copy of 820 steel side plate only. Countersunk and bolts included. $35.